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Subject: "Good Times" (Chapter 5) (Celebrity)OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTION based upon FICTIONAL
characters. "Good Times" is a Norman Lear-Bud Yorkin Production/Sony
Pictures Television. First, a huge "THANKS" to all the Nifty readers who
have been e-mailing me to say how hot they found the series so far. I've
tried to keep the characters true to what you see on tv, as well as add a
truly erotic aura to make brother and sister pthc the characters both believable and horny as
Nathan pthc bbs nudist Bookman, the portly, lazy, food-mooching
janitor, was on his hands and knees, attempting pthc boards
to fix the leaking
drainpipe under the Evan's kitchen sink. Florida, Thelma, Michael, and
J.J. were away for the day, visiting old friends that had moved to
Evanston. James sipped his cold beer, sitting spread-eagled pthc bbs cp pics in a kitchen
chair, massaging the bulge in his pants as he gazed at Bookman's huge
ass. Damn, that is one big buffalo butt, James thought, swigging the cold
brew. The more James stared at that massive, chubby ass, the hornier
James became. Throwing caution
to the winds, James went over to where free gallery pthc
Bookman's massive butt stuck out
from underneath the sink, and started stroking the big plump glutes
through his tightcoveralls.
"HEYYY, MR. EVANS," Nathan Bookman yelped in surprise
from under the sink, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN', MAN??" James gave a
couple of hard whacks to Bookman's fat backside and
"Just enjoyin' the view, Buffalo Butt!" At first, the portly janitor was
pissed and offended, now, for some reason, he found himself getting
really turned on by ls pthc bbs James Evans' big hand manhandling his fat behind
through his coveralls. Already, his cock, stubby but as thick as a beer
can, started getting hard in his sweaty boxers. Then, Bookman pulled out
from underneath the sink, and stood up, and James could see a thick lump
in the crotch of the fat janitor's grimy
coveralls. "You know, I could have
you evicted, Mr. Evans, " Bookman said, but he could not hide his
erection from his hunky black tenant. "Yeah, Buffalo Butt," James
chuckled. "You're so damn offended that I grabbed your fat butt....that's
why you got one helluva woodie right now!" Bookman knew that James had
his number all right. He started to reply, but James leaned over and gave
the fat janitor a wet, sloppy kiss on hislips.
"Stick with me, Bookman" James
chortled, his own massive erection ready to rip out of his tight pants.
"You'll be a new man when I get done with that big fat butt of yours!"
Suddenly, the chunky, stocky Bookman unzipped his coveralls, and pulled
them off, tossing them over onto the sofa. His work shoes came next. He
wore a T-shirt that accentuated his big gut, and a pair of green-striped
boxers that clung to his massive butt like a secondskin.
His fat, stumpy cock was now a sizeable bulge in the crotch of his
shorts, and a good-sized lube stain was visible to the right of the
gaping fly. He wore argyle socks that were held up by garters, and that
turned James on even more! James then started unbuckling his belt, saying
"Now, it's payback time, Mr. Bookman! Remember all those times you said
you'd fix things around here and never did? Well, NOW, it's PAYBACK time,
my man!!" James hauled the startled janitor over to the sofa and sat
down in the middle, and then hauled the portly fellow across his powerful
thighs. Bookman's massive ass strained at the seat of those green-striped
shorts, which accentuated that portly butt toperfection!
Raising his big hand high,
SLAP! pthc ukrainian
HEY, TAKE IT EASY, MAN!!" , Bookman yowled, as James' big belt angrily
spanked the plump janitor's jiggling mounds through his tight shorts,
making them jiggle and bounce like Jello on a plate. "Yeah, like you
don't want it!" James laughed, loving the feel of those huge mounds of
buttflesh dancing under his punishing belt. Then, without warning, James
roughly yanked down the seat of Bookman's boxers, exposing his fat, round
mounds that were smooth and now hot to thetouch.
ASK ME, 'BUFFALO BUTT' !!" James taunted, now resuming the spanking of
the fat janitor, this time using the sole nice pthc gallerys
of Bookman's work shoe. THWAP!
OOOHHH, JESSUUSSS!!!! OOWW!! OWW!! OWWW!!" Nathan pthc bbs nudist
Bookman yowled as James
lambasted his massive, quivering glutes with his ownshoe.
His fat buns felt as though they
were bieng assaulted by a pthc movies red-hot frying pan, and, although his eyes
brimmed with tears, he humped his fat cock against secret newsgroup pthc
James' thick, muscular
thigh. When Nathan Bookman's broad butt was red, glowing, and sizzling to
the touch, James told him to get on his feet. When he complied, James
shucked his pants down to his shoes, and pulled his huge, throbbing 10"
black fuckstick out of the fly of his blueboxers.
"Let's see how well you fix THIS pipe, Bookman!" James
growled, spreading his thick, muscular legs wide. Bookman licked his
lips, finally admitting to himself that, for too long now, he'd
fantasized about that pthc fozya zep guide huge bulge in James pthc imgboard list Evans Sr's tight pants!
Dropping to his knees, Bookman winked at James at replied, "Ok, Mr.
Evans....Nathan Bookman will now show you how good he fixes
pipes!" "LORD HAVE MERCY!!, James moaned "YES,LORD!!" as
Bookman started licking up and down his massive slab of prime ghetto
cock. "OOHHHHHDAMNNNNN!" James moaned loudly, as Bookman's mouth wrapped
wround his massive ebony monster, and his lips clamped tightly to pthc pedo child porn that
rigid length of cock and started slurping away like a starving man at a
banquet. Damn, James thought, this fat little motherfucker can suck cock
almost as good asJ.J.!
Bookman seemed intoxicated with the salty, manly, musky taste of
James' monster cock, and, soon enough, James felt that familar churning
in his massive furry balls, which were still inside his sweaty shorts.
But he didn't want to bust his nut....not yet. He pushed Bookman pthc svens's off of
his spit-slick shaft, and told him to get on his hands and knees.
Bookman's shorts were still pulled down in the back, revealing those
huge, glowing blackbuns.
"Now I'll show YOU what a good plumber I am,
Bookman," James chuckled, " I'm gonna show you how we Evans men plug up a
man-hole!!" pthc thread board "OOOHHSHIIITTTT!!"
Bookman hissed through clenched cp pthc toplist teeth, as he felt the massive head of
James' thick shaft start to stretch his twitching hole. James had no idea
at the time that Bookman had already lost his ass-cherry to a couple of
hot young studs on the 5th floor, and had even been porked by a really
hot 40-ish hunk that looked like James Earl Jones down in the laundry
room a fewtimes.
"DAMN, BOOKMAN, YOU pthc ptsc hussyfan SURE ARE
TIGHT!!" James chuckled, as more and more of his huge cock slid between
Bookman's fat, still-sore buns. Bookman then leaned his head upon his
arms on the sofa while James started pistoning in and out of pthc pedo child porn
his fat,
chubby butt. James' huge, jizz-loaded nuts, now hanging out of James'
shorts, made wet, slapping noises as they smacked his quivering mounds
with each hard thrust. That huge black cock was sending shockwaves
through his fat body, his prostate practically singing with manlylust!
James' big hand reached underneath Bookman's bulging gut and started
pumping that steel-hard, stumpy janitor's cock as it dangled out of the
fly of his boxers, feeling the sticky lube that flowed from it like a
leaking faucet. teen porn pthc
EVANS," Bookman moaned, now totally into getting his big butt royally
fucked by the hottest dude in theprojects
MOTHERFUCKIN' FAT ASS...YEAHHH...OHHH, MANNN!!" James' big hand started
swatting Bookman's jiggling butt with each new thrust; each new thrust
seeming to go deeper and deeper into the fat janitor's portly behind!
"YEAHHHHH, BUFFALO BUTT," James moaned, getting close to his peak.
MAN......FUCKYEAHHH....OHLOORRDD!!" It felt like a ruptured boylovers pthc fire hose
let loose in the depths of Bookman's fat butt, jet after steamy jet of
creamy ghetto spooge flooding his fat butt, sending his battered prostate
pumping fist pthc galery did asian pthc pix its job well, and James pthc movie archive felt Bookman's cock throb
violently in his pumping fist, hot pthc svens's spurts of janitorial jizz splattering
the floor and James' big, broad hand. As both men started to come back
down to earth, James got a mental picture of J.J. exclaiming
"DY-NO-MITE!!" if he had been a part of this hotscene.
As his fat shaft started to soften in Nathan Bookman's ass,
James tapped Bookman on the shoulder and said, "You know, Bookman, why
don't we go into the bathroom....you've been promisin' for two weeks now
to work on that shower!" THE END!! Hope you guys enjoyed! Part 6 coming

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